Microencapsulation - Big Impact

Controlled Product Delivery

Our CBD Capsules at Carolina CBD Pharmacy are microencapsulated.  Microencapsulation is a recent advancement in pharmaceutical technology that protects the active ingredients of a product from degrading, as well as controls the release of the product from the capsule.  

Microencapsulation is achieved by creating specially-coated, microscopic particles of active ingredient. This protects the active ingredient from the environment, and forces that might cause it to break down, like the stomach.  Thousands upon thousands of these tiny particles are contained in each capsule allowing the same amount of active ingredient with a more protective barrier.  These additional barriers take longer to be broken down by the body and are responsible for the tolerable time-profile, and prolonged release that microencapsulation offers.  

Other products

Other commercial CBD capsules use conventional methods that release their product all at once.  This tends to lead to the delivery of larger amounts of CBD in a short period of time, that could worsen dose-dependent side effects, and could also wear off more quickly. 

Our products

Utilizing microencapsulation, our CBD Capsules provide a sustained dissolution of CBD that gradually releases the product. This also prevents the product from being prematurely broken down in the stomach or intestines.  Therefore, microencapsulation allows the CBD to be more available for absorption into the bloodstream where it can be delivered to its site of action. 

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Resources on Microencapsulation:

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