CBD Dosing Guide

Weather your're using CBD Oil sublingually, in capsule form, cream form or even using CBD for your pet, you're going to need to know how much to use.

***Because there is no exact dosing, the information presented on this page is intended to serve only as an informational guide – a starting point of reference – and should never be considered medical advice.***


When it comes to cannabinoids, there is one universal truth to keep in mind:

Everyone Is Different.


There are countless variables such as weight, diet, metabolism, genetics, environment, product consistency, and more that make a universally prescribed dosage an impossibility.

While we wish we could provide the public with a mathematical CBD dosage calculator, it isn’t quite that simple – very rough estimates are about as good as it gets.

While there are tons of articles about the benefits of CBD, there are few about properly dosing CBD. To make things more confusing, unlike with other supplements, The FDA has not created a Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for CBD, which means CBD does not have an official serving size.

With these facts in mind, most people who are new to cannabidiol begin their journey by starting with the minimal suggested CBD dosage on any product, then gradually increasing the dose until they achieve the desired results.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

The Carolina CBD Pharmacy Serving Standard is 10mg of CBD, taken twice daily. (to start out)


When starting any new supplement routine, it is suggested you start low and go slow. Once you determine the CBD levels you’d like to achieve each day, start below that number and work your way up, taking a larger serving every few weeks. When you hit your predetermined daily serving size, you can decide if you’d like to continue increasing or stay where you are. This will help you dial in the daily CBD serving that works best for you.

It can take a couple of minutes to a couple of hours after use for the effects of CBD to fully appear, depending on serving size and method of application, among other factors that affect the rate of absorption by the body. CBD, like all cannabinoids, can build up in the body and cause an increase in cannabinoid receptors, making the endocannabinoid system more active and more sensitive to stimulation by cannabinoids. This is one more reason to make sure you are supplementing your system with CBD daily.

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Liquid CBD Oil/Tinctures: Drops or tinctures should have a “suggested serving size” and the total milligrams of CBD listed on their packaging. From there, you can determine the amount of CBD you would like to ingest. Simply place the correct quantity of drops under your tongue using the dropper and hold the CBD oil in place for a minimum of 60 seconds. The 60 second hold allows for absorption via the blood vessels underneath your tongue – efficiently bypassing first-pass metabolism. Once 60 seconds has passed, swallow the CBD oil.

We always recommend dosing any CBD products after you eat food. Especially with fatty foods like milk, nuts, yogurt etc. When you have food in your stomach, the fatty acids act as a binding agent. Doing this will help the CBD bypass the "first pass effect", and increase absorption rates of CBD after ingestion. Bypassing the digestive system and metabolism in the liver nearly entirely. Thus, better, quicker results. 

If you've never taken CBD before, we recommend starting your dosage at night - only because CBD relaxes you and your body. CBD doesn't make you sleepy, but the fact that it relaxes you just might make you tired (because you're relaxed!!) 

 This is our starting dose guide for Carolina CBD Pharmacy products:

300mg - Full Spectrum CBD Oil- Start out with a whole dropper full. Use 1-2 dropperfuls once or twice daily. 

600mg - Full Spectrum CBD Oil- Start out with half of a dropperful, once or twice daily.

1,200mg - Full Spectrum CBD Oil- Start out with 1/4 of a dropperful, once or twice daily.

(our droppers are calibrated, which means there's numbers and lines on it to help you dose easier!)

250mg - Isolate CBD Oil- Start out with half-a whole dropperful once or twice daily.

500mg - Isolate CBD Oil- Start out with a whole dropperful, once or twice daily.


10mg - Isolate CBD Capsules- Start out with 1-2 caps by mouth once or twice daily.

25mg - Full Spectrum CBD Capsules- Start out with 1 cap by mouth once or twice daily.

10mg - Full Spectrum CBD Capsules (Turmeric)Start out with 1-2 caps by mouth once or twice daily.

10mg - Full Spectrum CBD Capsules (Green Tea)Start out with 1-2 caps by mouth once or twice daily.

10mg - Full Spectrum CBD Capsules (Melatonin)Start out with 1-2 caps by mouth at least two hours before bedtime. The melatonin CBD capsules can make you sleepy, so we don't recommend you driving or taking them in the morning. 



Don't be scared to up your dose after about 3 days or so, if needed. Some people think the CBD isn't working for them, and then they give up. What they should have done was up their dose, because (since everyone is different) their starting dose was too low for them. Some people are more tolerant to medication and pain, whether they usually take narcotics or any type of pain medication. So if you are one of those people, you probably need to up your dose a few days after starting, until you find the right dosage for you!

There is no possible way to overdose on CBD.



The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is ultimately responsible for creating a Recommended Daily Intake (RDI), defined as the daily levels of a nutrient sufficient enough to meet the requirements of 97-98 percent of healthy individuals in the U.S. However, they have not created an RDI for suggested daily CBD servings.

In order to comply with FDA regulations, Medical Marijuana, Inc. does not list an RDI of our own, nor do we provide a Daily Value (%DV) for any of our products. However, our products do come with a “suggested serving size.” This is here to help you decide the right amount of CBD serving sizes, using a variety of our products, to help you hit your daily CBD goal.

We recommend our customers do their own research from a source they can trust or consult their doctor or specialist to determine their own ideal daily CBD levels.