Micro-encapsulized CBD Capsules

Kelly Douglas

Posted on December 10 2018

Micro-encapsulized CBD Capsules


Life is busy, so we like to do things on the go! Many people prefer CBD Capsules over other types of administration because it's a simple, fast and clean option.

When it comes to CBD, there is no one correct dosage for everyone.

The amount you take will depend on the symptoms you're trying to treat, the quality of CBD you're consuming, and you're own personal biology and tolerance levels.

Most CBD Capsules can be taken on an empty stomach without any issues. This is another reason why they're so great for traveling or consuming on the go.

However, some experts suggest taking your CBD with a fat source, such as milk, nuts or full-fat yogurt. This is because cannabinoids can be absorbed better into the small intestine if they're consumed with fat.

Carolina CBD Pharmacy’s capsules are made with Bio-ECS Powder. This powder is made from 100% USA organically grown plant materials. It is non-GMO, gluten- free, vegan and uses no preservatives. Our hemp is grown organically outdoors, using no pesticides or herbicides. This product has not been tested on animals.

Carolina CBD Pharmacy’s Bio-ECS Powder was developed to solve the CBD absorption problem, maximizing affectivity of uptake by the human body.

(Bio-ECS= Biology Endo-Cannabinoid System – may contain <0.2% THC)

(ZERO Bio ECS= Meaning zero THC)

Our Bio-ECS powder is water-soluble, and readily absorbed in the digestive tract, meaning higher bioavailability than oil based CBD.

Our Bio-ECS Powder is capsulated and ingested as a dietary supplement.

 CBD Capsules - Carolina CBD Pharmacy

Our capsules deliver five times more CBD than common CBD capsules on the market.

Multiple studies have shown that gastrointestinal uptake of CBD to the blood stream is below 15%, placing it alongside compounds like Vitamin C and Glutathione in the NHIH lowest category of absorption “Low Absorption”.

Our capsules solve CBD’s low absorption problem. Using the Bio-ECS Powder ingredient, our capsules are engineered to reach the blood stream at rates that are far greater than common CBD capsules on the market.

We micellize full-spectrum, CBD-rich hemp extract, commonly referred to as “microencapsulation”; the result is micro sized hydrocolloid particles that are stable in water-phase and will bypass the intestinally lining and reach the blood stream at rates of 80-95%.

The bottom line: Carolina CBD Pharmacy’s capsules are superior in bioavailability; these capsules are far more likely to deliver the therapeutic outcome that you desire!

CBD Capsule - Carolina CBD Pharmacy

What many consumers of CBD do not realize is that the human body typically absorbs only 10-20% of the CBD contained in oil-based hemp extracts when orally ingested. Low absorption is due to high levels of non-soluble organic lipids (oil, fats and waxes) in hemp exracts. That means that as much as 90% of orally ingested CBD does not enter into your bloodstream to deliver health benefits.

This is one of the reasons why most CBD products come as tinctures, chewables, vape oils, transdermal patches or other products, including suppositories.

These products use the parts of your body that are better at absorbing hemp compounds. However, such delivery systems range from non-traditional to highly inconvenient, limiting the number of people who are willing to purchase and consume CBD as a daily dietary supplement.

The Advantages of Having It In Capsule Form

The biggest advantage of capsules is the convenience. They are easily portable, and you don’t need to mess with a dropper. You can also be sure of the exact dosage you get every time without having to count the number of drops. Plus, it offers a more discreet way of getting your CBD dose.

It’s also said that capsules may be the better option for nicotine smokers. Long-time smokers lack the salivary production and absorptive mechanisms in the mouth. As such, the whole under-the-tongue method with tinctures may not be as effective.

Their bioavailability is also improving thanks to new technology and production practices.

In essence, we recommend CBD capsules over CBD oil if the following applies to you:

  • You’re a long-time smoker
  • Consuming MCT oil makes you nauseous
  • You value convenience and/or normally consume CBD on the go
  • You’re not so good at keeping track of dosage

You already consume other supplements in pill form. Just add it to your 7-day pill box along with your other daily pills. Consult with your doctor, however, if you’re on medication.


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